Day 1:

Arrival Denpasar-Ubud:

Meals: –

Welcome to Bali. The Indonesian island that has sparked the minds of travelers for generations it is a treasure trove of experiences—with its unique culture, arts, food and the warmth of its people, Bali still retains its special allure.

Upon arrival meet your guide at the International Airport and travel to Ubud. The city has become the epicenter for art in Bali. The origins of it go back to the 1920’s when the flamboyant German artist Walter Spies set his home at Campuhan, after him other artists follow the Mexican caricaturist Miguel Covaribias, the composer Colin Mcfee, and the anthropologist Gregory Baetson and Margaret Mead. This group of singular characters helped developed Ubud as the heart of artistry in Bali.

During your stay in Ubud you will be enjoying the charm of the Kayon Resort. Located about 10 minutes from the city center on a bend of the river holy Petanu river its secluded location offers quiet relaxation and nature.

Overnight at The Kayon Resort ( River Suite )

Day 2:


Meals: B L

Enjoy your breakfast with a view of the lush forest. If you are an early bird you might want to take part in the complimentary yoga classes.

Meet your guide in the hotel around 10.00 am for today’s special experience: a day in the life of a Balinese artist. In addition to its natural attractions, Bali’s soul and character is defined by its people. The island has long been a magnet for the arts and Ubud, its epicenter.

One of the most remarkable ways of discovering Bali is through its people and the unique art forms the island is known for the world over. This afternoon you’ll interact with local artists at their homes and workshops. You will have doors opened to a world that is normally hidden from the sight of travelers. It’s a dream chance to meet interesting local people in their daily element. The culmination of the day will be a lunch with a host family in a Balinese home. The food is just exceptional and the family adorable.

After this unique insider experience, you’ll transfer back to the hotel and enjoy the afternoon at your leisure e.

Overnight at The Kayon Resort ( River Suite )

Day 3:


Meals: B L

A new morning in Bali, enjoy your breakfast at The Kayon.

Bali and its volcanoes are indivisible. It is the water sheds at Gunung Agung, Gunung Batur and Gunung Batukaru that provides the nourishment in the low lands for extensive rice cultivation. Without the volcanoes Bali will not have its lush greenery or its amazing rice terraces. The periodical eruptions also help to fertilize the low land albeit sometimes bringing destruction.

We will drive up to Kintamani a cooler small town on the edge of the caldera of Gunung Batur where you can get some great views of the area, there is also a temple and some markets. The people here are harsher than in the low lands and sometimes can be a little pushy when trying to sell their wares. Lunch will be at the Lakeview with an amazing vista of the lake and the volcano.

We continue to the Mother Temple at Besakih which sits on the slopes of the majestic Gunung Agung, bring comfortable shoes as it’s a bit steep. The Besakih temple and Gunung Agung are among the most sacred places on the island. Unfortunately it has also become a tourist sight but it’s nevertheless an impressive site.

On the way back to Ubud we will stop at Tirta Empul a water temple where locals go to take purifying baths on the waters that rush down from the river. The special water or “Tirta” in Balinese is supposed to have healing properties. If you have some steam left your guide will take you to the unique Gianyar market in the afternoon for a local diner. This market is a foodie’s paradise with all kinds of local specialties from the ubiquitous babi guling to the delicious Indonesian satay.

Overnight at The Kayon Resort ( River Suite )

Day 4:

Ubud to Munduk

Meals: B L

Last morning in Ubud, those who like to have an active day can take up the complimentary hike given by The Kayon.

Enjoy a late breakfast at leisure and meet your guide at checkout time at 12.00pm. No need to have an early departure today.

After leaving The Kayon the first stop is a small treat a wonderful Indonesian meal at a great location in the outskirts of Ubud at Pulau Kelapa.

After lunch we start the drive to the hills of Munduk. This secluded part of Bali is a world apart from the rest of the island, with lovely fresh nights and charming views of plantations, volcanoes and rice fields.

On the way we will stop at Bedugul with the well-known temple Puru Ulun Danau Bratan. This temple built in 1663 for the goddess Dewi Danu is of great importance as the water from Lake Bratan irrigates much of the land south of Bali. Note also that on the 50.000 Rupiah note there is an image of this temple. Nowadays it’s become also a tourist sight so expect the place to be busy but the views can be very rewarding. Since Bedugul is located on higher attitude the climate is cooler here and there are plenty of stalls on the side of the road selling strawberry’s they are delicious and cheap a great treat when crossing this area!

Arrival at Sanak will be in the late afternoon. This retreat is possibly one of the most charming places in all Bali. Wonderful architecture, delicious food and great views in a small and intimate setting, get ready to relax.

Overnight at Sanak Retreat ( One bedroom Bungalow )

Day 5:


Meals: B

Enjoy a leisurely morning at Sanak take time to savor breakfast.

The activity for today is a light trekking visiting some of the nearby plantations, rice fields in the area surrounding the retreat.

Come back and enjoy a massage at Sanak to relax the muscles.

For the rest of the day enjoy the beautiful surroundings or just idle by the pool.

Overnight at Sanak Retreat ( One bedroom Bungalow )

Day 6:


Meals: B L

Start the day with breakfast at the Sanak.

Meet your guide and prepare to go back to the lowlands with a surprise on the way.

Tunjuk is a small community of rice farmers were Balinese rural life persists much as it has for centuries. Upon arrival, visit the local primary school to interact with the curious students and their teachers. Then accompany a village family on a tour of their home and rice paddies to learn about the traditional livelihood in this area. Then it’s your turn to try your hand at rice farming (please bring your own sunscreen and sandals you don’t mind getting wet). When you’re ready for a break, venture to a nearby coconut plantation for a refreshing treat—coconut water sipped from a young coconut plucked right off the tree. Then walk back to Tunjuk for a traditional cooking demonstration and lunch, including the Balinese staple boiled cassava.

We will then continue to Sanur. Located on the coast Sanur developed itself as one of the original beach destinations in Bali. It retains a quiet atmosphere that is difficult to find in other locations. The accommodation for the last nights is the charming Tandjung Sari. This place embodies the best of Balinese architecture and hospitality. Closing your eyes you might feel you are part of a Grand Asian tour in the 1920’s.

Overnight at Tandjung Sari (Garden Bungalow)

Day 7


Meals: B L D

Enjoy your breakfast at the Tandjung Sari with a view of Sanur beach.

At 10.00am meet with your guide for a half day exploration into the old City of Denpasar. Formerly the old kingdom of Badung the city was witness to a horrific event in 1906. At the main square in front of the palace a bloody event took place that is mostly forgotten these days. The Dutch had a hold of Indonesia for over 300 years; Bali was one of the last places to fall. In 1906 Dutch troops landed at Sanur and marched to the city. The King and the Royal Family rather than surrendering marched for a ceremonial suicide called “puputan”. They literally marched to their deaths at the hands of the firing soldiers. At one the guilt for this massacre the Dutch treated Bali with cottons and one of their first projects was to build in the Bali Museum which is located in front of the puputan square.

After the museum your guide will take you to the Bali hotel. It’s built in the heyday of luxury travel in the mid 1920’s the Bali hotel saw the likes of Charly Chaplin and many other famous and socialites

of the era. At the time it was the base from which to explore the island. The art deco facade is still there, although now the early 20th century charm is all but gone.

Nearby is also the Bandung market and some local shopping streets, this area is away from the tourist destinations so you will have a great feeling of an Indonesian city with a Balinese accent. Lunch will be in a local restaurant time to try specialties such as bebek goreng (fried duck) fish with sambal in a great setting.

Return to Sanur in the afternoon.

Tonight be prepared for a unique experience. A special dinner in a Balinese home with Malaika a member of the Balinese Royal Family in Tabanan. She will welcome you into her home and prepare a delectable dinner. It’s a memorable experience a suitable program for the last night.

Overnight at Tandjung Sari (Garden Bungalow)

Day 8


Meals: B

Enjoy a lovely breakfast with a view of the beach.

The day is at leisure in Sanur, enjoy a walk on the beach and the tranquility of Tandjung Sari.

Today you will be transferred back to the airport in Denpasar in time for your flight home.